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Welcome to MPPL
Packaging is a part of everyday life. It provides adequate protection to the stored material, creates brand image & acts as a 'Silent Advertiser' for the products.
MATHURA POLY PACK P LTD, established in 1992, is an ISO 9001 company.
We are manufacturer & exporters offering Flexible Packaging Solutions to match the needs of clients. We have established ourselves in the industry on the basis of quality & innovation.
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Our Products
Adhesive coated/Surface protection film
Adhesive coated film/surface protection film
Our film is polyethylene film coated with solvent free pressure sensitive acrylic resin adhesive then with several special auxiliary processes to produce to be our protective film. It's soft-nature, good aging resistance, easy to strip, and no glue solution remains on the surface.

It can protect the protected-products not to be polluted, corrode, and scratch during the process of products, transport, store and the course of use. Protect the surface of the already existing bright and clean bright pool, thus improve quality of the products and market competiveness!

Used in the area as follows:
Stainless steel board, aluminum board, aluminum alloy type material,plastic steel type material doors and windows,the aluminum moulds board, mirror panel, sandwich color steel board, fireproofing board, adorn the panel, the organic glass plate, ps, pe, pvc board sunshine board (gather the cster board of carbonic acid),
the burglary-resisting door, the sign, plate the membrane glass,top-grade furniture,top-grade handicraft, electric apparatus cupboard,the outer cover of computer, automobile lamps lanterns, the floor, the outer cover of household appliances, instrument and apparatus,the products surface waiting for various kinds of fields to need protection can be used.
 The thickness of the protective film: 0. 03mm-0. 1mm
 The color: Transparent, blue, black, milky white, black bottom and white surface, special color is according to the request of the customer.
 Width: Within 1600mm, various kinds of specifications within 2000m of length can all be produced.
 Adhesive strength: 5~800g/50mm
Note: Different product surface production needs protective film different, we will give a recommendation suitable protection film according to the request of user.